Family sessions are back in 2018!

Big news to share: I will be offering family sessions again in 2018! I have not been taking on as many sessions the past couple of years because I have been focused on growing and improving my workflow for wedding and engagement photography.

I feel like I am at the point now where I can take on more sessions and still offer a great experience. Plus I have missed it! Family photography is a joy to me, and I'm looking forward to meeting new people and capturing unique and fun images.


The biggest lesson I have learned in my first ten years in business is that the best photos happen when people are candid and relaxed. To that end, what I am offering is not limited to a stuffy session where everyone has to be on their best behavior and grit it out. I want to capture real moments that mean something to you.

For that reason, I am recommending booking sessions for when you have a specific activity in mind. This can be anything – a family reunion, a party, a ball game, a trip to the park – or just because! The point is, I'll show up ready to capture some authentic moments that matter, and some great portraits as well!

I am starting out small, and offering a limited number of sessions to make sure I can provide the best possible experience to everyone I work with. 

You can reserve your spot now with a gift certificate. These are being offered for a limited-time price to start off. You don't have to book your date now, but getting a certificate will reserve you a session before they are all filled. You can get yours here:


* Edited to add: 

I just want to add so there is no confusion, I am defining family photography as a separate category from newborn, which I am not offering at this point. Don't get me wrong - I love babies - it's just that newborn photography is its own thing, with its own set of challenges. I want to offer the best experience I can for everyone I work with, and in this case that would mean happily referring anyone who wants newborn photography to other photographers I know who are great at that specialty.

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